Donations to Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation

In addition to the KidzAnimals being a fun and amazing group of Kidz characters and a great website for children, KidzAnimals® is committed to helping animals in need. As part of that commitment, KidzAnimals pledges to donate a portion of its 2021 profits from online store sales to help worthwhile causes and groups. These include animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations, habitat restoration projects, and other animal/habitat friendly causes. The groups below are some of the organizations that will receive a portion of profits from the sale of KidzAnimals T-shirts, mugs, notebooks and binders and all other KidzAnimals online products.

Big Cat Rescue Banner with Lucas, Little Leo, Teejah, Coug, Cooper, and Elena.

Name of Group:   Big Cat Rescue
Animals Helped:   Lions, Tigers, Cougars, Lynx, Cervals, Bobcats, Jaguars, Leopards, Domestic Kittens
Located in:   Florida
Description:   It is only because of your financial support that Big Cat Rescue can continue to rescue abused, neglected and abandoned exotic cats around the country and provide them with the best possible nutrition and medical care at the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary in Florida. Big Cat Rescue is also fighting against the trade of tiger cubs for petting zoos. This organization provides tours and other educational experiences to the public on a daily basis.


Hope for Paws banner - Dogs, Kittens, Puppies, Rabbits - showing Dusty, Katya, Rusty, Benny.

Name of Group:   Hope for Paws
Animals Helped:   Mainly Stray Dogs, sometimes Cats, Bunnies & more
Located in:   California
Description: Hope for Paws was created to help animals who suffer and are hungry because of negligence and abuse. Hope for Paws has a large volunteer base who rescue stray, abandoned and neglected dogs from off the streets and from overcrowded animal shelters. The volunteers groom and clean up the dogs, get them medical care, fund needed operations, retrain them, foster and find adoptive homes for them.


Maryland Horse Rescue banner with Kicker.

Name of Group:   Maryland Horse Rescue
Animals Helped:   Horses, Senior and Blind Horses, Mules
Located in:   Maryland
Description:   Maryland Horse Rescue started more than fifteen years ago to address the need for a rescue group that would take in equines from any situation. Many horses are rescued and rehabilitated to be adopted out to good homes. Other horses are not adoptable and are housed on location. Senior horses and blind horses are rescued and able to live out their lives in comfort and safety.


Paso Pacifico Banner with Bixie and Tiki.

Name of Group:  Paso Pacífico
Animals Helped:   Many types of animals and birds, Sea Turtles including four species of Sea Turtles, baby hatchling Sea Turtles.
Located in:  Nicaragua’s Pacific Slope
Mission:   Saving Sea Turtles for future generations
Description: Paso Pacífico is involved in animal rescue and habitat restoration. Each year, our incredible Sea Turtle Project empowers local communities and helps hatch thousands of baby sea turtles. Paso Pacifico guards the eggs and allows baby turtles to hatch and run into the ocean!


Save the Golden Lion Tamarin Banner with Pammie, Tammie and Chimp.

Name of Group:   Save the Golden Lion Tamarin
Animals Helped:   Golden Lion Tamarins (GLTs)
Located in:   United States helping Brazilian GLTs
Description:   We support our Brazilian partner, Associação Mico-Leão-Dourado (AMLD), in their efforts to save Golden Lion Tamarins by:
1) Filling suitable forests with golden lion tamarins
2) Planting forest corridors reconnecting forest fragments and the tamarins that live there
3) Informing local people about the importance of conserving tamarins and forest, and actions they can take
4) Monitoring and protecting all wild golden lion tamarins and their forests