About KidzAnimals®

The KidzAnimals Backstory shares the KidzAnimals backstory and describes how the KidzAnimals® Brand, characters and stories came into being. This describes the timeline of the KidzAnimals creation, the earlier backstory and Rachel’s earlier partnership which came years before KidzAnimals.

A Bulletin Board page shows some of the past work and progress which turned into the KidzAnimals® Brand, character sets and website.

In addition to being a fun and playful website for children, KidzAnimals supports animal rescue and rehabilitation and donates a portion of profits from online product sales. Please read about some of the worthy causes KidzAnimals supports through Donations to Animals.

The KidzAnimals website strongly protects the privacy of children and does not request information from them as they spend time here. The Shop section is intended for adults and has that warning posted. Please read our Privacy Policy to better understand how we protect your family's privacy and how certain, non-identifiable information may be collected to better understand viewer usage, page popularity and metrics.

KidzAnimals can be reached through social media, blog comments, letters and postcards. Because this website takes up most of my time, I am unable to answer phone calls and emails throughout the day. Please contact me using the links and information in the Contact Info page. Thanks for your feedback! - Rachel

Miniature lineup of all the 26 KidzAnimals with The Girls and The Boys titles above.