KidzAnimals® Parent Zone

A Message From Rachel Zuckerman, Owner of KidzAnimals

I'm glad to see you here, and hope that the KidzAnimals website and brand are a fun experience for the children in your life. The content of this site is intended to be entertaining and fun for children between the ages of 4 - 11.  However, children of all ages are welcome, since I believe the KidzAnimals character set is a group of high quality characters that may appeal to people of all ages.

My goal in creating this website is to have fun and enjoyment and in turn bring fun, enjoyment and smiles to children through the playful and dynamic KidzAnimals characters and their colorful and positive stories.  This website is meant to be entertaining first, and not necessarily be educational.  It does provide plenty of reading practice though - through the Stories, the Kidz’ Bios, and the Animal Information sections.

Other than the Donations to Animals section, this website is purposely free of current political and social “hot topic” issues.  The content of the KidzAnimals website does not address current topics, for example: bullying, drug use, environmental issues, current politics, the news, social issues or international affairs, etc.  I believe that children are already swamped with unnecessary messages of worry and concern, and I prefer to avoid them.  Instead, I just want to be here for the fun and enjoyment of it.  This is all about joy, smiles and having fun!

Various parent focused issues may be brought up at times in the KidzAnimals Blog, and could focus on children’s use of the Internet, online privacy for children and making the web safe for children.  As you can see, at this point the Blog section is just getting started, so please bear with me.

Our Privacy Policy makes clear that your children's information will not be gathered from this website and that policy is easily available for your information.  The About section provides the history and backstory of KidzAnimals.

I hope that you, and the children in your life, enjoy KidzAnimals.