Welcome Back!

Hello to all new visitors! And howdy to prior fans of KidzAnimals – welcome back!

I’m glad you’re here and I’m glad that I can share some of the hope and excitement I feel on relaunching the KidzAnimals website this past week. It’s been a long journey, but one that I’m happy to be on.

After 4+ long months of initially working with a professional WordPress developer who created the overall page template, the homepage and four additional pages -- I then needed to learn WordPress on the go.  I converted all my prior content into WordPress and I'm proud to say KidzAnimals is LIVE!

Site Converted to WordPress!

This is the current KidzAnimals homepage with large banner at top and colorful buttons below.
This is the newly launched KidzAnimals site in WordPress. Such a difference!

This is such a huge deal for me. And especially a huge deal to finally have – at long last – a more professional looking and completely “responsive” website. In web jargon, “responsive” means that a website adjusts and looks good on many devices. So, what works on a laptop or PC, also works and looks good on a tablet, and continues to look good on a mobile phone.

My prior websites were coded by me in HTML (the most basic web language) and didn’t have the “bells and whistles” of a WordPress site. They looked fine on a PC, but were not responsive on a tablet or cell phone. The pages and images just shrunk down to fit a smaller screen. Which isn’t considered ideal, and made reading the stories or enjoying the colorful images difficult.

Past Sites on Cell Phones

Two cellphones with views of the prior colorful website and the prior blue website.

Now, using WordPress, the content and images resize themselves to show up to fit each screen size better. I know this is sort of technical, but don’t worry, in general that’s not what I’ll be blogging about…

For some history, here are my prior KidzAnimals websites.

For many years, this was the KidzAnimals site, which I have nicknamed the “Blue Site”. It was basically blue on blue. I'm very grateful for this “workhorse” site since it represents the beginning of the KidzAnimals brand.

The Blue Site:

Homepage of the prior website of the KidzAnimals blue site was blue on a brighter blue background.
This early KidzAnimals website was blue on brighter blue. It has been nicknamed by me as “The Blue Site”.

Then this past Spring, I redesigned the blue site to be more colorful, with a yellow background and larger, colorful buttons. I was trying to brighten it up.

I’ve nicknamed this prior site as the “Colorful Site”.

The Colorful Site:

The prior site has been called the colorful site by Rachel. It was blue on yellow with bright square buttons with many images.
This site is called “The Colorful Site”. It was blue on yellow with a more colorful design.

I'm grateful for these two past websites. It was where I was at, at that time. These prior sites allowed me to develop the KidzAnimals brand, share my characters, and write and display my stories. But I am even more excited about the relaunched site. It is brighter, and not weighed down by the heaviness of the blue backgrounds.

Now, with WordPress, so many more options are available to me that allow KidzAnimals to enter the world of professional websites. Using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress provides tons of design tools and features that I didn’t have before. Such as having a Blog feature (!), such as animating the images, so they zoom in when you open a page, such as outlining images with colorful, rounded edge backgrounds. The list goes on and on.

Welcome to the newly launched KidzAnimals site. I hope you enjoy it – and approve of it for your children!

I Heart (Love) KidzAnimals!

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