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The Walk to School

Maddie, holding papers, greets Lucas who stands in front of a red car.

In front of the school, a girl mouse called Maddie carries some papers. Being a mouse, Maddie is quiet and a little bit shy.

A tall and friendly boy lion gets out of a red car. His name is Lucas and his father drives him to school every morning.

His friend, Maddie walks over to show him her work.

“Hi, Lucas,” she says with a smile. “Look what I worked on last night.” She is a bit shy at first, but Lucas is her friend.

Maddie's drawings of report cover with perfect drawings of Italy, USA, China and England structures.

Maddie shows Lucas the drawings she’s made of famous buildings.

There’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Seattle Space Needle, China’s Temple of Heaven, and the Big Ben Clock in England.

“Cool,” Lucas says as he looks at her drawings. “Our class report is going to be great!”

Maddie smiles and says, “Thanks Lucas.”

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