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The Walk to School

Rusty and Dusty on bikes ride down a hill while Dusty rolls through a mud puddle.

Way across town, two fun boy dogs ride their bikes on the bike path.

They are twin brothers, Dusty and Rusty. Dusty wears yellow and has dust and dirt on his overalls. Rusty wears red and looks just like his brother.

Dusty loves getting dirty! He sees a mud puddle in front of him. Dusty makes sure to ride through it. The mud splashes his pants.

Dusty laughs and says, “Why go around a mud puddle when you can just ride through it?”

Rusty and Dusty on bikes race each other.

“Race ya!” Rusty shouts as he speeds ahead. Now Rusty is winning the race.

Dusty and Rusty race each other to school, laughing the whole way.

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