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Run Your Own Race

The Cougar family sits at the dinner table eating spaghetti and meatballs. Coug is eating a forkful of food with a word bubble above him showing Coug, Bixie and Coach before the race. Also displaying above Coug is the red second place #2 ribbon.

That night at the dinner table Coug’s Dad asked him about his day.

“Son, how was Fun Day?  Was it a good day?” Dad asked, expecting to hear about Coug’s victories. “Did you win any of the sporting events?”

Coug frowned, but finally answered, “Well, I won second place in the school marathon.”

“Really? Who won first place - Kicker?” Mr. Coug asked. He knew that horse girls can run long distances quite fast.  And that Kicker was a super racer.


Coug shook his head.  “No, it wasn’t Kicker.  She didn’t run this time,” Coug answered.

Mr. Coug looked surprised. “Was it Dusty or Rusty?” he asked. “Those two boys are fast.”

Coug had a hard time saying it, but finally he answered his father.

“Bixie won first place,” he said quietly.

“What?” Coug’s Dad frowned. “Isn’t Bixie a box turtle?  How is that possible?”

Coug looked down at his plate of spaghetti and meatballs.  He didn’t want to tell his Dad what had happened that day.  The whole story - laughing and teasing Bixie - napping in the apple tree - losing the race - then telling Coach that Bixie had cheated.  So, he didn’t say much.  He took a huge bite of food.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he shrugged. “Let’s not talk about it, okay, Dad?”

Dad just nodded.  “Okay son.  We’ll talk about it another time.”

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