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Run Your Own Race

Coug naps high in an apple tree where far below Bixie runs alone.

Coug climbed into the branches of that shady tree and got comfortable.  At least now he could enjoy the day and not be so bored waiting for Bixie at the finish line.

He had plenty of time to return to the race.  Plenty of time to spare, he thought to himself.

Without knowing it, Coug’s few minutes of rest turned into a real nap.

Soon he was dreaming about how good it would feel to win that first-place ribbon again this year.  How all the other Kidz would tell him that he was the fastest in the whole school.

Meanwhile, Bixie plodded along even though it seemed like the winner of the race was pretty obvious to everyone.

She was tired and very hot and wasn’t even sure why she was racing against the fastest runner in school.


Bixie running far in the distance with a thought bubble of Coug running fast.

Bixie even felt a little sorry for herself.  Here she was, a box turtle racing against a cougar.

But Bixie had been taught to try hard and not quit, even if she felt like quitting.  Coug had raced so far ahead of her, she couldn’t even see him. He probably was close to the finish line, she thought, and she wasn’t even past the school building.

Still, Bixie kept going. Once she set her mind to do something, she stuck with it.

She was tired, she was hot, she was thirsty.  She wanted to rest.  But she knew that resting would only make her EVEN slower than she already was.

“I’ll just keep going,” she thought to herself.

Bit by bit, one foot in front of the other – Bixie finally came around the parking lot to the last part of the marathon.

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