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Run Your Own Race

Coug races by the school building while little tiny Bixie in the background runs around the corner of the building.

Coug felt lonely running by himself.  He wished he was racing against some fast friends – like Dusty or Kicker.

Then it would be a true race.  It would have been a whole lot better to have someone to keep company with on such a long race.  Instead, because of Bixie – slow, slow Bixie – he pretty much had to run alone.  That’s no fun.

When Coug ran past the school a second time he realized that he was getting hot and sweaty. He wanted to rest for just a moment under the cool shade of an apple tree.

He looked for Bixie and finally saw her.   Way off in the distance, she looked like a very small runner.

Hmmm. . .  she still had so much more of the race to run.

Coug still couldn’t believe that of all the KidzAnimals, Bixie would actually run a race against him!  He just laughed to himself.  He figured that since it would take Bixie such a long time to catch up to him, it couldn’t hurt to rest for a little while and cool down.

Just for a little while. . .

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