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Run Your Own Race

Seated Dad reads to Cooper who stands next to him holding a stuffed green dinosaur. Dad's word bubble says 'That's right... It's STEADY which wins the race.'

Mr. Coug agreed with Coug.  Fast and steady would have won the race over slow and steady.

Little brother Cooper wanted Dad to read the story again.  But Coug didn’t want to hear it again.  He just had way too much to think about now.

So, Dad moved his chair to the other side of Cooper’s bed to read the fable a second time to Cooper only.

Little Cooper had been listening to the fable the whole time while playing with his stuffed green snake.  Cooper thought about it for a bit, then said,

“Daddy, it’s not slow and steady, or fast and steady that wins the race.  It’s STEADY that wins the race.”

“That’s true son,” Dad smiled at little Cooper as he shut the thick book of fables.

“It’s STEADY which wins the race.”

Book Cover titled Aesop's Fables with The Fox and the Grapes illustration.

Page 11


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