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Hop Hopscotch

Elena stands at the door of Punky's house. Both girls hold boxes of chalk.

Just then the doorbell rings. Mom opens the door and sees that Elena, a cat girl with braids, is at the door.

“Hi Mrs. Racoosin. Is Punky home?” Elena asks.

Mom calls Punky to come down.

Punky runs to the door and sees that Elena is holding two small boxes.

“Look,” Elena says. She holds out the boxes for Punky to see.

“Chalk! From the dollar store. Two for a dollar!” Elena says.

She hands one box to her friend. “One for you and one for me!”

Two open boxes of chalk.

Punky jumps up and down with a big smile on her face.

“Yay! Chalk!” Punky says.  She gives Elena a hug.

“Thanks Elena, thank you!” Punky says. “Thanks for sharing with me!”

Elena just smiles back.

Punky looks up at Mom. “Can we play now?”

Mom says yes, so Punky and Elena run outside to enjoy the beautiful Fall day.

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