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Hop Hopscotch

Punky happily skips down the sidewalk, crunching falling leaves. Behind her are Kicker, Merkeeta and Katya in the background.

It’s a beautiful Fall day.  The air is cool and fresh.  Colorful autumn leaves fall from the trees and collect in piles on the ground.

Punky, a little girl raccoon, walks outside and looks around.  Who is she going to play with?

She sees Kicker way down the block, talking with Merkeeta and Katya. Punky runs over to the older girls to see what’s going on.

“Can I play with you today?” Punky asks them. “I won’t get in the way, I promise.”

“We can’t play with you today, Punky,” Kicker replies. “But maybe tomorrow.”

“Bye, Punky.” Katya says as the three older girls walk away and leave Punky alone.

Punky doesn’t like that at all.  It’s so unfair!  They won't let her play with them!  Just because she's in first grade and they're in fourth grade.

Close up of Punky happily crunching fallen leaves.

As Punky walks back home, she kicks the leaves on the ground and crunches them.  Soon she cheers herself up and makes a game of it.

It’s fun to make up a game she can play as she walks home.

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