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Class Project

A smiling Mrs. Chimp talks to smiling Chimp about his fruit report showing bananas and apples. Benny holds up two drawings of carrots and broccoli.

The next day, the class project is nearly done. The boys show their report to Mrs. Chimp. Chimp is very proud of himself, and shows his Mom a page about bananas and another page about apples.

“These are really good Chimp,” his Mom says. “You did a good job.” Benny is happy with his work too, and wants to show Mrs. Chimp all that he’s done.

“Look at my drawings,” he says while holding them up. Mrs. Chimp smiles at Benny, and tells both of the boys that they did good work.

“Hey Benny, do you want to make a poster for our project too?” Chimp suggests.

“I guess we could,” Benny answers. He’s getting tired and hoped that they would be finished.

“Like what?” Benny asks Chimp.

Five colorful trees cut out with many colorful fruit pieces cutouts.

Chimp thinks about it. All at once Chimp jumps off of his stool.

”I GOT IT! I GOT IT! I have a GREAT idea!” Chimp shouts. “We can make a game out of this. Look, first we cut out all the pieces. Then we make five fruit trees. Then you have to stick all the fruit pieces to the trees and make it a race. See which side can do it faster.”

“Look at this,” Chimp says. He shows Benny all the fruit he has cut out.

“I guess,” Benny says. He wishes that he had a game too and now was feeling sort of jealous.

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