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Class Project

Inside the Copy Center, Mr. Ray talks to Lucas with a copy machine behind him.

Lucas and his Dad, Mr. Ray are at the Copy Center trying to fix the wrinkled report. Mr. Ray explains to Lucas that if they make a color copy of each page, it will be flat and smooth. Nearly perfect!

Lucas likes that idea, so page by page, he begins copying his report.

“You’re doing a good job, son,” he tells Lucas.

Finally, the report is copied, and looks good as new! Mr. Ray pays for the copies and they leave the Copy Center.

Inside the Copy Center, Lucas stands by a table with the pages of Maddie and his report spread out. Mr. Ray stands next to Lucas with a copy machine in the background.

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KidzAnimals Products:

Benefits of KidzAnimals Products:

  1. Products are sure to bring Joy and Smiles!
  2. Products with many Background Colors to choose from!
  3. Most Products include ALL the Boy or Girl characters!
  4. A portion of profits Donated to Help Animals in Need!

NOTE: These product mockups are for display only. Colors, product sizes, image placement, styles and fit may vary for products.