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Class Project

Katya and Rusty run to the Matching Fruit poster on the wall. The Veggie Math poster is also on the wall. Miss Eddy's hand, Pandish, Chimp and Wolfinna also hold fruit pieces.

Since it’s raining today, Miss Eddy says they can play Benny and Chimp’s games for their indoor recess. Yeah!

The class divides up into two teams and then everyone plays together.

First, Miss Eddy runs and playfully puts up her single watermelon fruit piece. Then, the Kidz run from the line to the envelope of fruits. They grab a fruit piece and run to stick it up on the poster.

   Everyone is in a rush!

      The students from both teams race around!

         Some of the fruits don’t stick!

   Fruits are falling to the ground!

      Wrong colors are put into wrong trees!

         Everyone is shouting!

It is so much fun the class wants to play again. AND THEY DO!

Then the class plays the vegetable garden race. The students stand in the two lines and push and shove and get ready to race the other half of the class. Each one runs to the poster and grabs a vegetable!

   You don’t know what the vegetable is until you grab it from the envelope!

      Then you have to “plant” it in the right garden row!

         Everyone yells when you aren’t in the right row!

   Teams are pushing and shoving to win!

      Vegetables are being put into wrong rows!

         The other side’s hands are getting in your way!

   Veggies are falling to the ground!

      The math has to work! 3x6 & 4x3 & 2x8!

         Everyone is shouting! HURRY UP! HURRY UP!

It is so much fun that the class asks Miss Eddy to play again.


When recess ends, everyone is smiling. All the students thank Chimp for thinking up these games. The class thanks both of the boys for making such great games. Even Maddie and Lucas thank Chimp for doing so well.

Benny is so happy that their project is a success.

And Chimp is happiest of all.

Today he learned that he can be the class clown and also make up fun games for everyone to enjoy and laugh at.

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