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Class Project

At the front of the classroom, Miss Eddy hands Chimp two notes while Benny holds a single note.

Miss Eddy asked Chimp and Benny to stay after class to speak with her. The two boys didn’t have a report for their class project. When it was their turn to give their report to the class, they only had two pictures to show to the other students!

Miss Eddy calls Chimp and Benny to her desk. “Here are the things you need to do to make this a better class report. First, you need to research a topic,” she says. “Then you need to write down what you have learned. Include pictures and other visual aids to show the class. Finally, practice speaking out loud to the class.”

After they talk for a while, they learn that rabbits love vegetables and golden lion tamarins love fruit. So, Chimp and Benny decide that a topic called “Growing Fruits and Vegetables” would be a good topic for them.

At the front of the classroom, Miss Eddy hands Chimp two notes while Benny holds a single note. Miss Eddy shows a speech bubble showing Pandish, Maddie and Wolfinna speaking with written notes. A speech bubble from Chimp shows 3 poster with Tedds holding his poster.

“That’s a great topic,” Miss Eddy says. “Now remember how Wolfinna, Maddie, and Pandish stood and talked to the class?” she asked. “You’ll have to speak about your topic too.”

”Okay, Miss Eddy,” Chimp and Benny agree together.

“I want a poster too,” Chimp said. “I want to show the class my topic even better. Just like Tedds and the other Kidz made posters.”

“That’s a great idea, Chimp,” Miss Eddy said. “Why don’t you try to make a poster as part of your report?”

Miss Eddy wrote notes for Benny and Chimp to take home to their parents. Now they will have to spend the weekend working on their project so they can present their report to the class on Monday.

Before Chimp can leave, Miss Eddy asks him why he wrinkled Lucas and Maddie’s report.

“I didn’t mean to,” Chimp tells Miss Eddy. “I just wanted to see it.”

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