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Class Clown

Teejah and Parker give their report. Toy horse with broken pieces, doll with scribbles and slower than a snail poster. On chalkboard is written 'Having Little Brothers and Sisters, Parker and Teejah'.

Next, Teejah, a tiger girl, and Parker, a boy raccoon, give their team report to the class.  Their team report is called “Having Little Brothers & Sisters.”

Their topic is about what a pain it is to have younger sisters and brothers.

Teejah is the big sister of four little tiger cubs. She tells the class how they break all of her toys.

“One day I came home from school,” Teejah says sadly. “And my toy horse was broken,”

“Another time they took markers and drew on my favorite tiger doll,” she tells them. “They break ALL my toys!”

Parker walks his little sister, Punky, to school every day.  He tells everyone how Punky makes him late to school every single day.  How she won’t walk fast and instead walks slower than a snail!

The class thinks that their team report is very funny, but Miss Eddy does not.

“Your report is supposed to be about a research topic, like science or books or art or history,” Miss Eddy tells Parker and Teejah.

“The team report is NOT supposed to about complaining!”

At the front of the classroom JenJen and Coug raise their hands with the words 'Raise Your Hand if You Love Rocks!' The chalkboard says 'Rocks and Rock Formations by JenJen and Coug'. Images and words of Mushroom Rock, Rock Arch and Jen's Rock Collection.

After Parker and Teejah are done, JenJen and Coug finally have their chance.

They give a report on “Rocks and Rock Formations”.

Coug, a boy cougar, asks everyone who loves rocks to raise their hand.  Most of the students raise their hands.

Then JenJen and Coug show the class some pictures of mushroom rocks and rock arches.

“Wind blows sand against the rocks,” Jen says.

“And over time, like thousands of years, the sand wears down the rock, forming a mushroom rock or a rock arch.” she explains.

Best of all, JenJen shows the class her colorful rock collection.

Seeing Jen’s rock collection is very interesting and makes everyone love rocks even more.

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