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Class Clown

Benny falls to floor with his 2 drawings falling through the air and his crayons rolling away. Chimp pushes him with a huge smile on his face.

Benny, a boy bunny rabbit, and Chimp, a golden lion tamarin boy, work together.

At least they are supposed to be working together.  The problem is that Chimp hasn’t done any work AT ALL for the report!

Benny has been coloring a picture of a carrot.  He loves gardening and already finished a picture of broccoli.

All at once, Chimp gives Benny a push - just for the fun of it.

Benny falls out of his chair and his box of crayons fall to the floor.  Lots of his crayons roll away. . . .

Chimp didn’t want to hurt Benny.  He didn’t want to push Benny so hard. He just wanted to have some fun.

The problem is that Chimp is a monkey, and monkeys love to jump and push each other. But Benny is a rabbit, and rabbits are calmer and not as strong.

Now Benny is upset as he picks up his crayons and pictures.  Chimp just laughs at all this.

Chimp likes being the class clown!

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