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Class Clown

At the front of the class, Benny sweats while holding his carrot drawing. Chimp looks sad as he holds the broccoli drawing. On chalkboard says 'Benny and Chimp talk about Vegetables'. A poster of class rules says '5 - No Teasing', '6 - Inside Voices', '7 - No Passing Notes' and '8 - Assignments turned in'.

The last students to give their report are Benny and Chimp.  Their report is called “Vegetables”.

Benny and Chimp stand in front of the class holding the drawing of the carrot and the drawing of some broccoli. Benny made both drawings, but was nice to Chimp by letting Chimp hold one of the drawings. Even though Chimp pushed him!

The class is very quiet. The two boys don’t know what to say. They didn’t write anything down.

Finally, Benny says three words.

“I love gardening,” Benny says and stops.

The class waits for more.

Those three words are Benny and Chimp’s whole report!

Then Kicker and Merkeeta giggle at those three words.  The rest of the class laughs too.

Rough childish drawings of a carrot and some broccoli.

The KidzAnimals now see that Chimp had been running around and causing trouble all week. They can see that he hasn’t done any work AT ALL!

Chimp thought it was funny to laugh at Maddie and Lucas.

And super funny to push Benny, and then laugh at him when his crayons rolled away.

Chimp also thought it was funny to jump onto the counter and swing from the window blinds.  And he thought it was fun to laugh when the book fell outside.

But, now that the class is laughing at him, Chimp doesn’t like it.  He doesn’t like it at all!

Maybe, being class clown isn’t so much fun after all.

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