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The Story of Bixie and Tiki

Ma-turtle holds tape and smiling Bixie holds the taped Turtle Fairies book. Pa-turtle stands at the doorway smiling and Tiki stands in front of him.

Just like she said she would do, Ma-turtle taped the torn “Turtle Fairies” book back together.

Very carefully, she lined up the edges of the torn page to the book.  Then very carefully, she put tape on the front and back of the Turtle Fairy Maya picture.

So, the book was actually okay.

Bixie smiled now that her book was fixed.  Now Bixie could still read it and enjoy the pictures.

Then Tiki came into Bixie’s bedroom carrying her own favorite book and the torn out picture of Clifford the Big Red Dog*.

Tiki dropped her book and the torn picture onto the floor and began asking Ma-turtle for help.

Pa-turtle stands in the doorway smiling at Tiki standing over Clifford the Big Red Dog book and torn picture.

“Book, book, Ma, Ma, fix, fix,” Tiki said.  Because that’s how little turtle sisters talk.

“Book, book, fix, fix, tape, tape,” Tiki said while pointing down at her book.

So, Ma-turtle pulled out more tape and fixed Tiki’s book too.  Luckily, she had plenty of tape.

Pa-turtle stood in the doorway and smiled at his family.  He loved all his girls and was happy to see that everything was okay with the Box Turtle family.


* Clifford the Big Red Dog is the Property of Norman Bridwell (and also Tiki’s favorite book).

Page 8


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