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The Story of Bixie and Tiki

In the kitchen, Tiki copies Bixie crying while Pa-turtle reads the newspaper and Ma-turtle operates the microwave.

Bixie grabbed the torn book from her bedroom and ran back downstairs.

She ran into the kitchen and threw the torn book and torn picture onto the kitchen floor.  Now her Ma-turtle and Pa-turtle could see what Tiki had done.

Ma-turtle saw how upset Bixie was and she promised to get Bixie a brand new “Turtle Fairies” book.

But Bixie said she didn’t want a new book!  She loved her OWN book best, and not a new one.

So, Ma-turtle told Bixie that she would tape the torn page back where it belonged.  And that the book would almost be “good as new”.

But Bixie was still very, very upset and started crying.

“Why did you ruin my favorite book?” Bixie yelled at Tiki while crying.

Bixie cries into her hands while a smiling Tiki copies and cries into her hands.
Tiki says W-a-a-ah while a crying Bixie says W-a-a-ah.


Bixie began crying into her hands. Tiki watched this and copied her. Tiki pretended to cry into her own hands too.

But Tiki had a little smile on her face while pretending to cry.

Then Bixie threw her head back, still crying loudly.

And Tiki copied her.  Tiki threw her own head back and pretended to be upset too.

Bixie started yelling “Wa-a-ah” while she cried.  Then Tiki copied and started yelling “Wa-a-ah” too!

This happened again and again while Ma-turtle and Pa-turtle watched.

Everything that Bixie did, Tiki copied.

Close up of Pa-turtle hiding behind an open newspaper, while Ma-turtle turns to work the microwave buttons.

Pa-turtle knew that Bixie was very, very upset.  But seeing little Tiki be such a rascal and copy Bixie this way was funny.

Pa-turtle didn’t want to laugh in front of Bixie, so he hid behind the newspaper, laughing to himself.

And Ma-turtle didn’t want to laugh either.  But Tiki’s bad behavior was too funny not to laugh.

Ma-turtle turned around and pretended to do something with the microwave.  That way Bixie couldn’t see that Ma-turtle was trying not to smile.

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