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The Walk to School

Pandish and Parker greet each other. Parker holds Punky's hand while she is mostly out of view.

Parker and Punky finally reach the school. At the front doors of the school, Pandish, one of Parker’s good friends, greets Parker. Pandish is a boy panda who carries a blue backpack filled with books and homework.

“Hey there,” he says to Parker. Parker waves back with his free hand. With his other hand, he’s holding Punky to keep her from running off to the swings.

First, Parker needs to bring Punky to her first grade classroom. That’s Parker’s job. After that, Punky can play. Only after Punky has been signed in, can she go to the little Kidz’ playground.

But Punky wants to rush over to play now! She pulls harder - trying to run off. Parker can’t believe it.

The whole walk to school, Punky made them late. First, she wanted to pet Little Minnie. Then she stopped to say “Hi” to her best friend, Elena. Then she walked slower than a snail the rest of the way.

Page 9


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