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The Walk to School

Elena stands next to a large yellow school bus. In the background a tiny Punky waves to her.

It’s not easy being a big brother to a little sister who walks slow, pets cats and stops along the way. “You’re walking slower than a snail,” Parker complains.

Across the street, Elena, a little girl cat with braids is waiting for her school bus. Elena wears a uniform because all the Kidz in her school wear uniforms.

Elena is Punky’s best friend. Punky waves to her, and yells from across the street, “Hi Elena!” she yells. “How are you?”

Elena waves back. “Hi Punky! Want to play together after school?”

Punky loves that idea. Elena is her very, very best friend and they play together most days.

“Of course! See you later.”

Two little snails by the curb.

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