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The Walk to School

Punky pets Little Minnie while Parker looks on. Behind them is the green and sunny Valley.

Punky stops to pet a sweet black and white cat called Little Minnie.

”Hi Minnie,” Punky says while petting Little Minnie.

“Hi Min Min,” Punky says again.

Little Minnie meows back. Minnie purrs when Punky starts petting her.

Parker starts getting mad. “We have to go!” he tells Punky angrily. “I don’t want to be late for school.”

But Punky won’t stop petting Little Minnie. Little Minnie is Punky’s friend.

“We’re going to be late!” Parker scolds Punky. But Punky just won’t stop petting Little Minnie.

“Hurry up!” Parker yells and pulls Punky along. He pulls her hard!

“Ow, Parker! That hurts!” Punky shouts. “I’m telling Mom!”

This happens every morning. Every - single - morning.

An angry Parker pulls Punky by the arm while Punky looks surprised. Little Minnie looks on.

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