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The Walk to School

Five little children at the playground. Punky swings while Tiki slides down a small slide. Wolfie kicks a soccer ball while Little Leo and Cooper play on a jungle gym.

Now, after all that slowness, Punky wants to hurry up. She sees all her friends playing at the little Kidz’ playground and she wants to play too. NOW she’s in a rush! NOW she’s trying to walk fast!

At the little kidz’ playground, Punky and all her friends are playing.

They have a few minutes in the mornings to play before class.

Punky swings on the play set while Tiki, her little turtle friend, slides down the slide.

Tiki raises her hands up and yells “Wheeee!” as she slides down fast!

A wolf boy in a red shirt and camo pants is kicking a soccer ball. His name’s Wolfie, and he’s in first grade with Punky.

Wolfie shouts “SCORE!” as he kicks the ball.

Over on the jungle gym, two friends are playing. Little Leo, a little boy lion who’s in pre-school, holds on tight. “Look at me!” Little Leo shouts.

Cooper, a boy cougar from the Kindergarten class has climbed to the top of the jungle gym. Cooper yells, “Let’s play!”

While everyone is playing, the school bell rings. The school day has begun.

And this is how the KidzAnimals of The Valley begin their day.


Story illustration - Coug climbing saying 'Let's play!', Little Leo climbing saying 'Look at me!', Wolfie kicking ball saying 'Score!', Tiki on slide saying 'Whee!', Punky on swing 'The End!'.

Page 10


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