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Run Your Own Race

Bixie runs across the finish line while Coug races fast behind her with a cloud of dust behind his shoes. Coach and the other Kidz cheer them on.

When Bixie looked up she saw all the Kidz cheering her on. She realized that they were cheering because she would win the second-place ribbon. And second place wasn’t so bad either. At least she would finish the race. She looked towards the finish line, saw all the cheering Kidz, and looked for Coug. Certainly, he would be happy to have won the marathon. But where was he?

She just hoped he wouldn’t tease her for being a turtle and not being fast enough.

But Coug was nowhere to be seen. Bixie kept on going.

High in the branches of that shady apple tree, Coug heard cheering. He imagined he was hearing all the cheers he would get when he WON the marathon. Winning first place would be great, and he would add that first-place blue ribbon to the collection of sports ribbons and trophies he already had in the bedroom he shared with Cooper.

Then his ears perked up and he woke up from his dream of victory. He looked behind him and realized that Bixie wasn’t in sight. He couldn’t see her in front of him either.

Coug jumped down from the apple tree. The laces of his high-tops had come untied. So, he quickly tied them and began running the race as fast as he could. There was no way he was going to let Bixie win. That just wouldn’t be right.

So, he ran even faster. As he rounded the bend around the parking lots he saw that Bixie was getting very close to the finish line. So, he ran hard in a cougar burst of speed which all big cats are known for.

Meanwhile, Bixie kept plodding on. Step by step, one foot in front of the other foot. The Kidz were cheering louder and louder. “Hurry up Bixie! Hurry! Coug is catching up!”

WHAT? Bixie saw that Coug was coming from behind her. She was very surprised that Coug had somehow gotten behind her. Or rather, that SHE had somehow gotten in front of Coug.

So, even though she was tired, she pushed just a little bit more. Her slow legs sped up just a little bit, and her stubby arms pumped even harder. She was just a few feet away from the finish line. So, she pumped her tired turtle legs just a little bit more.

THEN, out of breath, she crossed the finish line and all the Kidz crowded around her with cheers and pats on her back, and congratulations.

“You WON! Bixie you won the marathon. You were faster than Coug.”

Blue first place ribbon for #1 Runner, with words 'Way to go Bixie!'

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