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Run Your Own Race

Wolfie, Little Leo, Cooper, Tiki and Punky play at the Little Kidz playground while Coug and Bixie run the marathon behind them.

Coug quickly ran twice around the field, down past the blacktop and around the far side of the school. As expected, he was amazingly fast. As he ran by, his friends cheered him on.

Then Coug ran past the little Kidz’ playground. He saw his little brother, Cooper, climbing on the jungle gym. Cooper had already climbed up so he could see Coug as he ran past.

“That’s my brother!” Cooper shouted. “That’s my brother, Coug!” he yelled proudly while pointing.

Cooper’s friends, Little Leo and Wolfie, were also climbing the jungle gym with him. Then Wolfie jumped to the ground, while Little Leo sat on the jungle gym bar and watched.

Cooper’s two other playmates also saw Coug run by. Tiki was sliding down the slide at that moment and Punky was swinging high into the air.

All the little Kidz started waving to Coug as he ran by.

“Go Coug!” they shouted.

Then Cooper noticed Bixie, running way in the background.

”Look Tiki,” Cooper asked. “Isn’t that your big sister, Bixie running the marathon too?”

Cooper points at little Bixie running the marathon in the background.

“That silly,” Cooper told everyone. “Who ever heard of a slow turtle running a race against a fast animal? That doesn’t make sense.”

Tiki waved to her sister off in the distance.

“That’s my sister,” Tiki said proudly.  “Go Bixie!” Tiki shouted as loud as her little turtle voice could go.

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