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Run Your Own Race


At school, in the morning, lots of team games were played such as kickball, freeze tag, dodge ball and Red Rover. The day was beautiful with lots of warm sunshine, cool breezes and fun for everyone.

At noon, a brown bag picnic lunch was given to everyone, which held a sandwich, potato chips, a piece of fruit and a cookie. After everyone had finished their lunches, Miss Eddy led the students in sing-a-longs. It was a fun, relaxing, goof-off kind of day.

After lunch, the sports part of the day began. Now was the time for competition and races. The students ran relay races, ran short sprints and jumped the broad and high jumps. They were led by Coach Davis and cheered on by Kicker and the other members of the School Spirit Club.

When it was time for a longer race, Coach Davis blew his whistle to get everyone’s attention. He shouted across the blacktop.

“Who here wants to run in a two-mile race?!” Coach shouted, getting everyone’s attention.

“Who wants to run in the West Valley Elementary School marathon? It’s a two-mile race - twice around the school, the playing field and the parking lots.”

Coug raised his hand first.

“I want to RUN and I know that no one else will beat me!” he shouted, his hand held high. “I’m the fastest here and I know I’m gonna WIN!”

No one else said anything. They didn’t want to race against Coug because they knew they couldn’t win. Even Kicker, as fast as she was, and the twins, Dusty and Rusty, didn’t raise their hands. They just didn’t want to race against Coug. Because the older Coug got, the faster he became.

Coach Davis asked again. “Guys, we need more volunteers to run this race. Let’s make this a real race.”

But still no one volunteered. Then everyone heard a small, soft voice.

“I’ll run the marathon,” it said.

Everyone wondered who was brave enough to race against Coug?

They looked and saw that it was Bixie!

She was holding her hand up and volunteering. This made all the KidzAnimals laugh since Bixie was a box turtle, and probably the slowest student in fourth grade. They laughed and laughed. Until Miss Eddy, their teacher, told them not to tease.

Bixie smiles and raises her hand.

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