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Run Your Own Race

Title of 'Run Your Own Race' with Mr. Coug, Coug and Cooper - includes Aesop's Fables book and 1st Place Runner blue ribbon.

“It’s important to run your own race son. Do the best YOU can. That’s what Bixie did today. She ran her OWN race. She did the best SHE could do. She didn’t pay attention to how you were running your race. Only HER race.”

Dad turned to Coug. “Now, about what you said to Bixie, that she had cheated to win...”

Coug stopped his father before he could finish. “Dad, I’ve learned enough lessons for one day. Can’t we talk about that another time?”

“Okay son.” Dad replied, and tousled Coug’s hair. He then gave Cooper a snuggle, got up and turned out the lights.

“Dad?” Coug asked just before his father shut the door. “Was I a very poor sport today?”

Dad spoke in a kind voice, “Let’s discuss it tomorrow, Coug. But I think you owe your classmate, Bixie, an apology.”

Coug woke up very, very early the next morning. He took out his box of arts and craft supplies. Took out his construction paper, crayons and glue.

He started coloring, cutting and gluing. Coug made a first- place award ribbon just for Bixie that said, “#1 Most Determined Turtle”.

When it was dry, he put it in his backpack.

Cut outs of blue and yellow construction paper blue first place ribbon with crayons and scissors. The first place ribbon reads '#1 MOST Determined TURTLE'.

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