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Run Your Own Race

Mr. Coug, Cooper and Coug sit and eat eggs and toast. Behind them is a large banner saying 'West Valley Elementary FUN DAY, Relay Races, Sing-alongs!, Tag, Red Rover, Dodge Ball, Arts and Crafts'.

The day before Spring Break vacation was called “Fun Day” at West Valley Elementary School. Fun Day is a special day when there are NO classes, NO homework, and NO grades. Instead the day is to be spent playing games, running races, singing songs and eating picnic lunches! Sounds good, right?

At the Cougar Household, while eating his breakfast of eggs and toast, Coug was telling his father all about the games he was going to play. Coug was also bragging about all the races he was going to run in and win.

“I can’t wait for the marathon, Dad,” he said. “I won it last year, and I’ll win it this year too.”

“How do you know you’ll win?” Mr. Coug asked his confident cougar son. “Aren’t there other fast runners who are as fast as you are?”

“Nah,” Coug replied. “Kicker’s pretty fast, and Dusty and Rusty both love to run - but I’m the fastest, so I’m sure I’ll win. I’m the number one runner at school.”

“I could race you!” little Cooper shouted, nearly spilling his milk. “I’m a fast cougar too. I’m fast like you!”

Mr. Coug and Coug laughed at that. Cooper, still wearing his pajamas and holding his green stuffed dino, was only five years old and wasn’t quite ready to race against his big brother.

Cooper wearing pajamas holds a stuffed green dinosaur.

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