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Hop Hopscotch

Mr. Ray the lion in a business suit and briefcase, hops on the hopscotch.

In the next few days, everyone in the neighborhood who wants to plays on the Hop Hopscotch.

Some of the grown-ups go on Hop Hopscotch too.

One day, Lucas’ father, Mr. Ray, sees the hopscotch. On his way home from work, wearing a suit and tie, he starts jumping. He smiles as he jumps from square to square.

For a few moments he forgets about being a serious grown-up and returns to being a playful lion boy.

Even the Lady Jogger and her dog slow down to enjoy the hopscotch.

Rough sketch of lady jogger and her dog, hopping down the hopscotch game.

Most of the time she jogs down the sidewalk quickly, looking straight ahead. But this time, when she sees the wonderful Hop Hopscotch, she begins hopping.

She hops –
            . . . square by square

down the long sidewalk. And her little dog follows and sniffs it with interest.

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