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Hop Hopscotch

With huge smiles, Punky and Elena hop down the hopscotch.

Soon they both make the “REST” square bright with colorful flowers and rainbows. The girls finally get their hopscotch done. It works out just fine with square 34 going off to the side and the extra REST square giving them a place to rest when they get tired.

The two little girls enjoy their game. They jump up and down the squares. Their arms wave about and they have big happy smiles on their faces.

Up and down they go. Sometimes together, sometimes in different directions. This is the best hopscotch ever!

The older girls, Kicker, Merkeeta and Katya, even come by to see what these little Kidz have drawn. Kicker thinks it’s silly. She asks Elena and Punky what their long, hundred square hopscotch is called.

Elena thinks up a good name for it.

“We call it Hop Hopscotch,” she tells Kicker.

The three older girls try out the long Hop Hopscotch and agree that it is fun. And good exercise, too.

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