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Hop Hopscotch

Punky and Elena angrily fight with the hopscotch game on sidewalk and chalk pieces at their feet. Punky says - 'Look what happened!' while Elena says - 'But you told me to!'

Elena decides to move back up the sidewalk and counts all the way up to one hundred.

Punky reminds her, “Don’t get it wrong this time. Be sure to add one extra one to it.”

Elena isn’t sure about that plan. She counts it over.

“Be sure to add one,” Punky repeats herself again. So, following Punky’s advice, Elena adds one extra square to her counting.

Punky and Elena work on their hopscotch squares. Punky counts her way up and Elena counts her way down. Soon they both meet at square 76.

Oh no! There are two 76 squares! Punky scribbles over Elena’s 76.

“You got it wrong again!” Punky says to Elena angrily.

”You made me get it wrong!” Elena says angrily back. “You made me add one!”

Punky says, “I told you to add one and get it right. Not add one and get it wrong!”

“I would’ve been right!” Elena yells at Punky. “You made me add one! I would have gotten it correct if you hadn’t told me to do that!”

Punky yells back, “YOU got it wrong, not ME!”

“But YOU made me get it wrong!” Elena exclaims. “YOU said to add one. You said be sure to add one this time. It’s your fault!”

”You did it, not me,” Punky says. Punky starts to think that maybe Elena is right. Maybe she should not have told Elena to add one. Uh oh.

Punky has an idea. “Let’s make it a “REST” square. That way, if we get tired, we can rest on it.”

“Okay,” Elena replies happily. “Let’s color it in an amazing way.”

“Yeah,” Punky agrees. “We’ll make it look awesome!”

Colorful hopscotch view shows the duplicate 76-square with rainbow, flowers, star.

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