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Hop Hopscotch

Cute and happy Punky and Elena draw the first five squares of the hopscotch while cat, Little Minnie watches.

The girls run down to the sidewalk and take out their chalk. They start drawing on the sidewalk. Little Minnie, a cute black and white cat, comes by to watch them.

The girls both love chalk. First, they write their names. Then they write Hi, Bye, Stop, Go and draw stars, flowers, and hearts.

Punky draws a hopscotch and Elena joins her. Elena’s face gets happy because she has an idea. A really good idea.

“Let’s make the best game in the world,” Elena suggests. “Let’s make it go all the way up to fifty.”

Punky loves that idea. “Let’s make it all the way to a hundred!” Punky says back.

Punky and Elena both love making up games, so a really long hopscotch will be a super fun game!

As the girls count up and draw more and more squares, they get in each other’s way. So, Elena decides to move up ahead. Way up. That way she can work on her own squares and numbers, and count her way down to Punky. That way they each can draw the hopscotch without getting in the other’s way. Punky agrees that Elena’s plan is a good idea. Elena counts all the way up to the 50 square.

”...22, 23, 24, 25...” Elena counts, all the way up to fifty.

Now both girls work on their own and meet together at square number 33. But when they check their numbers, Punky sees a problem.

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