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Hop Hopscotch

Punky in bedroom stands at the window.

Punky wishes her best friend Elena was home. But Elena and her family are out. So, what is she going to do by herself all day?

Punky sits on her bed all mad. If ONLY Elena was home to play with. But Elena’s family isn’t home. Their car isn’t in the driveway.

Each time a car goes down the street, Punky rushes to the window to see if it’s Elena and her family. But it isn’t.

Then Punky goes back over to her bed and waits. But then Punky hears a car again and runs back over to the window. And when it isn’t Elena, she runs back to the bed. Punky runs back and forth a lot of times, and her shoes make a lot of noise as she runs back and forth.

Story illustration - Punky in her bedroom looking at a stuffed bunny rabbit and her rag doll.

After a while, Punky’s Mom yells up the stairs. “Punky, please stop all that noise right now!”

Okay Mom!” Punky yells REALLY LOUD back down and sits down on her bed. It’s so boring without Elena.

Finally, Punky hears a car going into Elena’s driveway. She runs to the window and sees Elena and her family walking into their house. Punky wants to yell out of her window and ask Elena to play, but she is NOT allowed to do that.

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