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Hop Hopscotch

A very rainy day with Punky looking out the window and seeing the Hopscotch wash away in a blur.

After four fun days playing on the colorful sidewalk, it starts to rain. It turns into a very rainy day. Huge raindrops fall everywhere.

Punky looks out the window and sees the colorful chalk squares washing away in the rain.

All the colors blur together until nothing is clear.

But Punky’s not sad. She has so many happy, smiling thoughts of the fun that she and Elena shared. It was so much fun making and playing with the Hop Hopscotch.

There will be other perfect Fall days to color the sidewalks. Plus, more boxes of new chalk to share and many games to invent and enjoy.

And many memories of this one.


A very rainy day as the hopscotch washes away. Punky looking out the window and remembering playing with Elena. Falling leaves, chalk and the words 'The End' show over the rainy day scene.

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