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Class Project

Planting Vegetables game with crayons and scissors on top of it.

Benny loves vegetables, and especially growing vegetables. Now Benny wants a vegetable poster too. So, Benny asks Chimp to make up a vegetable game for him too. He hopes it will be a vegetable garden game for the class to enjoy.Chimp thinks about it for a little while. He looks at Benny’s drawings of vegetable gardens.

Chimp thinks up a game for Benny. “How about if we make all sorts of vegetables that a player can plant in an empty vegetable garden?” he asked. “We can make lots of paper vegetables so the player will have to plant LOTS of vegetables.”

Benny likes this idea. He draws an empty vegetable garden on his poster. And he decides that he wants to “grow” carrots, string beans, and corn in his vegetable garden game.

The two boys now work as a team on Benny’s game.

Pammie and Tammie are still watching them. Tammie has another great idea. She thinks that they can turn Benny’s game into a math game.

Tammie explains her ideas...

First, put in three rows of carrots with six carrots planted in each row.

That would be labeled
3 x 6 = 18.

Then they could “plant” four rows of string bean vines with three vines in each row. That would be labeled
4 x 3 = 12.

Finally, there would be two rows of corn with eight corn stalks planted in each row.

That would be labeled 2 x 8 = 16.

Planting Vegetables Math Game poster shows carrot rows, string beans rows and corn stalk rows with cutout vegetables at the bottom.

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