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Class Project

Benny and Chimp sit at the kitchen counter holding a carrot and tree picture, while Pammie shows some colorful trees and Tammie looks on.

Chimp’s older sisters, Pammie and Tammie, come rushing into the room when they hear Chimp shouting.

“What’s going on?” Tammie asks her brother.

“Nothing,” Chimp says. He doesn’t want the twins to make fun of his ideas.

“Come on,” Pammie says. “Show us what you’re working on. We won’t make fun of you. We promise.”

“Yeah,” Tammie agrees. “We promise.”

Chimp’s heard that before from his twin sister. Sometimes they can tease him a lot! Still, they are three grades older than him, and may have some good ideas.

Finally, Chimp shows Pammie and Tammie his poster idea. They both like it and even have some other good ideas for their brother. Ideas like making the fruit pieces stronger by gluing the cutout pieces onto cardboard. Also writing the color of each of the trees above the tree. Luckily, the twins had some extra poster board for Chimp’s fruit matching game.

Benny likes Chimp’s fruit matching game now, too. His job is to draw more fruit for each tree.

With Chimp’s ideas, Benny’s drawings and Pammie and Tammie’s help, Chimp’s colored fruit game poster turns out awesome! More good teamwork!

Chimp looks at all his work and is pleased that now he gets to share a topic that he loves – FRUITS! This is better than holding a picture of broccoli. Of course, he still felt glad that Benny let him hold up that one picture.

A poster of colorful fruit pieces and a poster of the five colored trees show above an image of Chimp cutting out a tree.

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