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Class Project

Benny and Chimp work in silence at the kitchen counter. Papers, books, scissors, tape are around them as Benny and Chimp hold pencils and write.

Benny comes over to the golden lion tamarin house so he and Chimp can work together on their report.

In the kitchen, Benny reads about vegetables and gardening. Chimp reads about fruits and growing them. They learn a lot, and begin writing their report. The two boys spend a lot of time writing out all that they’ve learned. They work hard for a long time.

Checking in on them, Mrs. Chimp sits with the two boys and gives them even more ideas on what to include in their report. They cut out lots of pictures from old magazines and include Benny’s first drawings of a carrot patch and broccoli for their project.

Slowly they write their report. It’s getting late. Even though Chimp and Benny worked so hard, there’s still more work to be done. Just like they thought, Benny will have to come over on Sunday to finish up. But now that they’re getting so much done, Chimp doesn’t feel bad about that.

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