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Class Project

At the Copy Center parking lot, Lucas holds a folder of paper, Mr. Ray holds out his hand as Chimp hands him money. Mr. Chimp talks to Chimp.

Outside the Copy Center, Mr. Ray and Lucas stop to talk with Mr. Chimp and Chimp. Lucas holds a folder of his papers. Mr. Chimp had told Mr. Ray over the phone that, as punishment, Chimp will pay for all the copies. That’s only fair.

“How did the copying go?” Mr. Chimp asks Mr. Ray.

“It went fine. The report looks nearly perfect,” Mr. Ray tells them.

“How much is it?” Mr. Chimp asks since Chimp will have to pay for the copies.

Mr. Ray tells him the amount and Chimp sighs. It will cost more than two allowances! Then Mr. Ray says something which makes Chimp smile.

“You don’t have to pay for this,” Mr. Ray tells them. “It wasn’t that expensive. I’ll pay for it.”

This makes Chimp really happy! Now he’ll be able to buy candies and cookies with his allowance after all!

But Mr. Chimp says “No” which makes Chimp sad.

“That’s nice of you Ray,” Mr. Chimp says. “But this is about being careful with other people’s things, isn’t it Chimp?”

Chimp looks down because he really doesn’t want to pay. He thinks to himself, “Why, oh why didn’t I crumple up Benny’s two stupid pictures instead of Maddie and Lucas’ long report? What was I thinking?”

But Chimp’s Dad pushes Chimp forward so Chimp can pay. Chimp hands the money over to Mr. Ray, and quickly says, “Sorry.”

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