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Class Project

The Golden Lion Tamarin family in the kitchen. Mom asks Chimp about the notes, Chimp looks upset, Dad talks on the phone while Pammie and Tammie watch. Thought bubbles over their heads of Miss Eddy giving notes, Benny and Chimp in front of class, Benny falling, Chimp swinging on blinds, the wrinkled report, money.

Mr. Chimp calls Lucas’ father, Mr. Ray. It is decided that Mr. Ray and Lucas will go to the Copy Center and make colored copies of his and Maddie’s report. Chimp will have to pay for the copies from his allowance.

This makes Chimp sad because he loves to buy candies and cookies with his allowance. Now he will have to pay for the copies instead. Chimp wishes he hadn’t ruined the two smartest Kidz’ report. It would have been much better if he had only wrinkled Benny’s two pictures instead of that whole long report.

Mrs. Chimp calls the Bunny family to arrange when Benny can come over to work on the class project with Chimp. It’s decided that Benny will come over on both Saturday and Sunday. Chimp starts fussing.

“But Mom, Saturday is my soccer. How can I play soccer if I have to work on that stupid project?”

Mrs. Chimp warns Chimp to stop his fussing. Chimp will have to miss soccer on Saturday.

“I’ll call Coach and let him know you won’t be able to go to the game tomorrow. Anyway, let’s get started on your report now so you’ll be ready to work with Benny.”

“START NOW!” Chimp thinks. What about watching TV? He’s really mad now. No candy, no soccer, and now - no TV!!! Those two notes from Miss Eddy are really ruining his life.

Of course Chimp’s two older twin sisters, Pammie, in pink, and Tammie, in yellow, are watching while Chimp gets in trouble. They don’t get in trouble much, but are always interested when Chimp does.

Hmmm! This makes Chimp mad!

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