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Class Project


Miss Eddy sends him home with a second note to show his parents. Now Chimp is nervous about these two notes.

When Chimp gets home, he takes out the two notes from Miss Eddy and hands them to his Mom. Mom reads both notes, looks at Chimp and shakes her head. Mrs. Chimp then hands the notes to her husband.

Mr. Chimp reads the two notes and his face gets redder and redder. He looks down at his son and says, “I guess we have two issues to deal with here, don’t we?”

Chimp just nods “yes”. He knows he’s in really big trouble now.

Mrs. Chimp asks Chimp what happened in school. Chimp explains that he and Benny didn’t write a report. Then he tells her how he pushed Benny, swung on the blinds cord and crumpled Maddie and Lucas’ report.

It is decided that Mrs. Chimp will work with Chimp and Benny over the weekend to make sure their class project gets done. Mr. Chimp will call Mr. Ray and find out how to fix Lucas’ messed up report.

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