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Class Project

Standing in front of the chalkboard with huge smiles - Benny holds the two fruit and veggies posters while Chimp reads from their report booklet. Written on the chalkboard the words 'Growing Fruits and Vegetables By Benny and Chimp - today'.

Monday, Miss Eddy asks Benny and Chimp to give their report to the class. She writes the title of their report on the chalkboard. The title is “Growing Fruits and Vegetables”.

Chimp and Benny stand in front of the fourth-grade class with huge smiles on their faces. Chimp holds up the team report and tells everyone what he has learned about planting fruit trees and growing fruit. Then Benny takes the team report and tells the class about having a vegetable garden and which vegetables are easy to grow.

When they finish talking, they are ready to show the class their game posters. Chimp reads the rules of the two games while Benny holds both posters up high for the class to see. All the Kidz are very interested in the colored fruit and tree matching game and the vegetable garden math game.

This makes Chimp and Benny feel proud.

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