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Class Project

Pammie holds a poster up while Benny jumps for joy and Chimp frowns. Tammie looks on with interest.

Pammie holds up the vegetable poster while she shows Benny and Chimp. Tammie explains it better.

“See? Three times six equals 18. Four times three equals 12. And two times eight equals 16,” Tammie explains. She points to each of the veggie patches that Benny drew.

Now Benny is very happy that he also has a poster game for the class to play. He jumps for joy when he sees how good his math game will be. Chimp frowns because he wanted to be the only one to have a GREAT poster game. It was his idea first, not Benny’s!

The two boys color and cut out all the fruits and vegetables for the two poster games. Benny draws, colors and cuts very carefully. It takes him a long time to finish. Chimp works really fast, and his coloring and cutting are not neat like Benny’s. Chimp tells Benny that he is “too slow”. And Benny tells Chimp that he is “rushing” and “too messy”.

Finally, they finish the two posters. The last thing they do is place the fruit pieces in one envelope and the vegetable pieces in another envelope.

The Vegetable Math Game poster above an image of Pammie showing the poster and Benny jumping for joy.

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