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Class Clown

Pandish talks and Rusty holds up a toy boat. Two index cards filled with words about boats and ships are next to Pandish.

Soon after that, Pandish and Rusty give their report about “Ships and Boats”.

“Ships are larger than boats,” Pandish explains. “And ships float higher on the water.”

While Pandish talks, Rusty holds up a toy sailboat. Then he holds up a pirate ship, and finally holds up a green canoe.

Pandish talks for a long time about ships, boats, what they carry, and how they are used.

When Pandish speaks he looks at some index cards to help him give his report clearly. He has written out a card with notes about boats. On a second card he has written notes about ships.

These cards help Pandish stay organized and remember the details! What a great idea!

Lucas and Maddie stand with their wrinkled report. On chalkboard says 'Famous Buildings by Maddie and Lucas'. Next to them are wrinkled cover page of 'Famous Buildings' and wrinkled Italy, China and USA structures.

Then Lucas and Maddie give their report on “Famous Buildings”.

At first Lucas does all the talking.  Maddie feels shy, so she holds up the report and turns the pages for everyone to see.

Soon Maddie starts talking about different famous buildings.  Because she loves this topic so much, she forgets to be shy in front of the class.

Everyone can see how good Maddie’s drawings are.  They can also see how Chimp wrinkled them.

Miss Eddy asks Lucas and Maddie to stay after class so they can tell her why their report looks so messy.

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