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Class Clown

Three students in front of class - Bixie holds a diorama, Wolfinna holds a paper, and Tedds holds a National Parks poster. On the chalkboard it says 'Our National Parks' by Bixie, Wolfinna and Tedds.

The next day at school the KidzAnimals give their reports to the class.

Bixie, a girl box turtle, Wolfinna, a wolf-girl, and Tedds, a boy bear, stand in front of the class. Together, the three of them present a report on “Our National Parks”.

They have written a report on forests and have a poster with woods and tree brochures stuck to it. This makes sense because Bixie, Wolfinna and Tedds are all woodland KidzAnimals. They have written about what interests them the most.

Best of all, Bixie has made a very nice diorama with a plastic tree, real stones and a shiny river. She shows it to everyone - turning it so all the students can see it.

Wolfinna holds the team report and reads it to the class. Everyone’s interested in what she’s reading to them about.

Tedds’ family goes on trips to state parks during the summer. So Tedds has collected all sorts of brochures from these trips. He’s stuck some of his brochures from his collection onto the poster.

Tedds talks more about his family’s vacations. “I wish we could go to a park called Yellowstone National Park and see real buffalos,” Tedds says to the class. “That’s a dream of mine, and maybe one day it’ll come true,” he explains.

Miss Eddy is very happy with their report. This, of course, makes Tedds, Wolfinna, and Bixie very happy. These KidzAnimals worked hard together on one of their favorite subjects – the outdoors – and are proud of their work.

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