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Class Clown

Kicker scolds Chimp as he swings on the window blind cord.

Then Chimp walks over to the window to look out. He thinks it would be funny to stand on the counter. So, Chimp jumps onto the counter to look outside. The whole class is watching him now. They can’t believe that Chimp is up on the counter instead of sitting at his desk and working like Miss Eddy told them to.

Chimp knocks some books over and one of them falls out of the window. Chimp thinks this is funny and laughs out loud at that.

Then Kicker scolds him. “Oooh, Chimp, you are SO going to get in trouble,” she says. Kicker likes to tell the other children what to do.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” he laughs at Kicker.

Then Merkeeta says something. She tends to talk quickly.

“That’s right Chimp,” Merkeeta says. “You know Miss Eddy said to work. She said to work at our desks. You know she did. That’s what she said.”

“Who cares?” Chimp says. “It’s just a silly team project.”

Chimp looks out the window and sees the book that fell out. It’s lying on the grass. He’s starting to wonder if he will get into trouble for being so careless.

Chimp jumps down from the counter and holds the cord to the blinds and swings from it. This makes the blinds shut.

“Ha-ha-ha!” Chimp laughs at this. He then walks back to his desk and sits down.

Miss Eddy comes back into the classroom. She can tell that someone has been out of his or her chair. She walks over to the windows and raises the blind back up.

Chimp swings from a venetian blinds cord while Kicker scolds him and says 'That's Bad Chimp!'.

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