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Class Clown

Maddie and Lucas' desks are pushed together and filled with drawings and papers. Maddie busily draws at her desk as Lucas points to her while Chimp looks on in interest.

Then Chimp begins walking around the classroom. He wants to see the other team projects and watch the other students work.

Chimp stops at Maddie’s and Lucas’ desks. Lucas and Maddie are busy writing titles for each of Maddie’s sketches. Lucas and Maddie are two of the best students in the fourth grade class. Everyone knows they’re sure to do well and get a good grade on their team project.

Lucas holds out the report and shows Chimp what they’re working on.

“Isn’t this cool?” Lucas brags. “Maddie did all the drawings of buildings,” he says pointing to the pictures. “I like this subject,” he tells Chimp. “This is one of the best weeks I’ve ever had in school!”

Perfect report cover of 'Famous Buildings' with perfect drawings of Italy, USA, China and England structures.

Maddie smiles with pride. She loves drawing buildings and structures and is pleased with her work. She’s also happy that Lucas likes her drawings.

Chimp wants to see their team report and grabs it out of Lucas’ hands. Chimp is not careful with it at all! The pages of the report are getting messed up. So, Lucas tries to get the report back.

“Hey!” Lucas yells. Then he grabs the report out of Chimp’s hands. The report is now wrinkled and crumpled.

With all the grabbing back and forth, and pushing and pulling, the perfect report is now a mess. The perfect report is ruined!

”Why did you do that?” Lucas asks Chimp angrily, as he tries to smooth out their report.

Chimp just laughs at what he’s done. “Ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha!”

Crumpled report cover with wrinkled drawings of Italy, China and USA structures.

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