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Class Clown

JenJen stands spinning a globe with a planets poster and bulletin board on the wall.

In the back of the classroom, JenJen, a girl Guinea pig, spins the globe. JenJen loves science, especially geology, which is the study of rocks. Jen’s trying to find out where a type of rock formation, called “mushroom rocks”, are found. Then she will look for more info about “rock arches”.

Coug is her report partner since he also loves science. Together they’re writing a report on rocks and rock formations. Coug has been finding pictures online of different rock formations. He printed out the pictures, and together, JenJen and Coug are writing about them.

Jen even has plans to bring in her rock collection as part of their report. She can’t wait!

Miss Eddy needs to leave the classroom for a few minutes. She tells the children to stay in their seats and work quietly. There’s a lot of work to do before the end of the day.

Pictures and words of 'Mushroom Rock', 'Rock Arch', and 'JenJen's Rock Collection'.

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