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Class Clown

Miss Eddy talks to the boys in the front of the classroom. She hands Chimp two notes while Benny holds his single note. Chalkboard says 'Spelling Quiz on Monday'. Poster of class rules says '4 - Keep Desks Clean', '5 - No Teasing', '6 - Inside Voices', '7 - No Passing Notes' and '8 - Assignments turned in'.

When school is over, Lucas and Maddie are the first to speak to Miss Eddy. Miss Eddy asks them why their report looks so wrinkled. The details come out that Chimp messed up their class project.

Miss Eddy tries to flatten out the wrinkled report. “I wonder if these wrinkles can be smoothed out?”

Lucas answers her. “My Dad thinks we can press the wrinkled papers between the pages of a large book overnight. Then copy the pages at a copy center.”

Miss Eddy agrees that it’s a good idea. Maddie and Lucas pack their bookbags up and leave.

Then Miss Eddy calls Chimp and Benny to her desk. Miss Eddy tells the two boys that their class project was not done the way it should have been done. She explains to them about writing a report on a favorite topic.

“Here are the five things you need to do to make this a better class report,” Miss Eddy tells them.

Step One, you need to pick a subject you are both interested in. Two, you need to research that topic,” she says. “Step Three you need to write down what you have learned. Step Four, include pictures and other visual aids to show the class. For Step Five, prepare a spoken report for the class. And lastly, Step Six, practice giving your report out loud a few times.”

Miss Eddy helps the two boys find a topic for their class project. After they talk for a while, they learn that rabbits love vegetables and golden tamarins love fruit. So, Chimp and Benny decide that a topic called “Growing Fruits and Vegetables” would be a good topic for them.

Miss Eddy writes two notes for Benny and Chimp to take home to their parents. They each get a note about having to work on their class report.

Now they will have to spend the weekend working on their project so they can present their report to the class on Monday.

Before Chimp can leave, Miss Eddy asks him why he wrinkled Lucas and Maddie’s report by not being careful.

“I didn’t mean to,” Chimp tells Miss Eddy. “I just wanted to see it.”

Chimp gets a second note to show his parents. That note is about how he wrinkled Lucas and Maddie’s report.

“Uh, oh,” Chimp thinks to himself, now that he’s in trouble. “Maybe being class clown isn’t so much fun after all!”


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